NeuroFit Gym
1361 West Euless Blvd #101, Euless, Tx 76040
Gym Hours
Weekdays 11a - 7p
Saturdays 10a - 2p
Voice: 817-571-1323
FAX: 817-510-3994
Mailing Address:
Neuro Fitness Foundation
1500 Westpark Way, Euless, TX 76040
Our NeuroFit Gym

Our members have each experienced life-changing events: stroke, disease, or accident. Neuro Fitness Foundation helps people with special neurological challenges maintain health, fitness, and independence.

Insurance runs out – we don’t.

At NeuroFit Gym, you have a special place to come for exercise and physical and mental conditioning at a very low monthly cost.

Join others who share similar conditions and feelings who are working to improve their health, strength and independence. Please learn more about the Neuro Fitness Foundation through the pages of this official website. We welcome your call and visit.

Let’s get started today!